If you are a hobbyist working with raspberry pi, you would have come across the hassle of installing OpenCV on your raspberry pi. In this article, you can go through the standard method of installing and try it yourself or just download the image at the end of the article.

Benefits of Open Cv 4.1.0 :

  • Enabled run time dispatched optimizations for larger set of functions in core and imgproc modules.
  • DNN module has got several improvements:
  1. Inference Engine back-end has been switched to NN Builder API, supported Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2.
  2. Reduced peak memory consumption and supported multiple…

The growth of Embedded systems with robotics: As a field and Career.

When we talk about Robots, the terms that come to our head are Artificial Intelligence, machine learning or computer vision which are all majorly software based.Have you thought of the hardware part? How robot reacts to a particular action?How is the process executed? How does the robotic system run? These questions can be answered only by the use of embedded systems.

What are embedded systems?

Embedded, as the name suggests, is the combination of hardware and software systems designed to perform specific tasks. An Embedded system controls the…

Humans are complex beings with emotions, brains, and cognition that make them a lot different from robots. However, we do not require humans to fix screws, work as firefighters, clean the dirt or defuse bombs (which are dangerous to our lives). Instead, robots replace these jobs to secure our lives.

In my perception robots are rather enhancing humanity through the simplest reason: Robots are controlled by humans and they will continue to be the slaves of their masters.

The history is a proof that if humans use the technology in the right way, then technology has always been a boon…

Robots are the most sophisticated creation of the mankind. A creation that would stand by them to take over their menial tasks and thereby building a new ecosystem where even robots can exist. But the question is
“Are we ready?”

Robots are evolving, getting smarter and faster each day. There is a breakthrough in the field of robotics that keeps the humans motivated to bring more innovation. But, yet another question, “Do we need this innovation?”

Robots are already being used in industries for manufacturing, surgery, and delivery services to name a few.
And as these robots become more technologically…

Aadesh Shah

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